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LaMonique Mac is an Amazon Best Selling Author. She writes in the genres of Christian, Young Adult and Nonfiction. She’s also a publisher and a writing coach based in “Roll Tide” country Alabama with her family.


The books she has written and published are known for having a southern flair.


She can be spotted coaching new authors on how to WRITE, EDIT, PUBLISH and MARKET their books on YouTube and Patreon.

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Recent Blog Posts

The Mixed Girl Series


Based on a true life story:


As if growing up in the hood wasn’t hard enough, as a biracial half White, half Black girl, LaMonica Powers has to also navigate finding her identity (whatever that means).


Add in a heaping of undiagnosed ADHD, a cup of discipline dealt out “southern style,” throw in some seeds of God given talent and intellect - and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a pretty, hot, ghetto surprise. Read More


Mixed Out is Part two in The Mixed Girl Series.


LaMonica Powers has to figure out if she’s the QUEEN or the PAWN in Bishop’s methodical game of life.


Her decisions will lead her to a lifestyle she’s never imagined.


Who will she trust to guide her – Mama, Bishop, the government, education, or God? Read More



Snakes in the Mix is Part three in The Mixed Girl Series.


As LaMonica Powers reaches official adult hood will she prevail in life for the sake of her and her child or will she be sucked under by the hood? Read More


Ubiquitous Ministries

Ubiquitous Ministries was created to seek and save the lost through booklets and other avenues of media.

Books are placed in areas where people will have a somewhat lengthy wait time, such as Laundry Mats, Beauty Salons, Doctor Offices, Auto Repair Shops, and more.

Overcoming Anxiety in the Hood


features LaMonica Powers from The Mixed Girl Series facing the real world problem of anxiety and overcoming it. Read More

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cupcakes & poetry

is the first ever book written and published by LaMonique Mac.

A book on 7 Christian Principles to live by with cupcake recipes. Read More