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Ever since I was a child i've always hidden my true personality inside of my writing.


Back in the 80's and 90's when ADHD wasn't taken too seriously (especially in my community), writing was my super power. People would be amazed at the things I wrote because my potential didn't line up with my otherwise poor choices. I loved surprising others with my talent and intellect through my writing. The shocked look on their faces and their reactions were priceless.


But even more than that my writing helped me to communicate with others much more effectively than I could using any other method.


Now that I am an adult, I write because I know it is my God given talent. I have a passion inside of me that spurs me on to share what God has placed in my heart.

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LaMonique Mac is an Amazon Best Selling Author. She writes in the genres of Christian, Young Adult and Nonfiction. She’s also a publisher and a writing coach based in “Roll Tide” country Alabama with her family.


The books she has written and published are known for having a southern flair.


She can be spotted coaching new authors on how to Write, Edit, Publish and Market Books on YouTube and Patreon. 

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