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3 Adopted Authors You Didn't Know That Beat the Odds

1. Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell was born in 1930. He was an adopted child who grew up in Harlem. Mr Sowell dropped out of high school to fight in the Korean War and upon his return began his college education starting with none other than Harvard University.

Thomas Sowell graduated from Harvard as Magnum Cum Laude. He went on to add to his credentials by graduating with his Masters Degree from Colombia University and His Doctorate Degree from Chicago University.

At over 90 years old he is still a Fellow at Standford University.

Mr. Sowell has dispelled a lot of the race myths and theories that have been put upon Black Americans (using empirical research). He has freed all groups of people from limitations and boxes with his books and proven case studies.

In particular Thomas Sowell has been able to prove with research that IQ can in fact change based upon experiences. And that the problems prevalent among impoverished minorities is a proven factor to be the results of culture and not race.

Mr. Thomas Sowell has freed the minds of many people today to let go of victimhood and walk in life, liberty and the pursuit of

happiness (including my own).

2. Jamie Kern Lima

Jamie was well into her adulthood when she found out she was adopted. After spending years searching for her biological parents, she found her mother and was initially rejected.

In the meantime as a woman who doesn't look like the traditional beauty product representative she began building a beauty product business. For years Jamie had 2 goals.

  1. Connect with her bio family.

  2. Build a beauty product empire for women looked over in the beauty industry.

With such nontraditional goals rejection was sure to be apart of her daily life.

And it was.

Jamie was told by an executive, "People will never buy beauty products from someone that looks like you." Instead of giving up Jamie pressed forward along with her (then boyfriend, now husband) and together they made visit after visit to beauty company board rooms and The Home Shopping Network.

Finally after years of pressing on against all odds Jamie Kern Lima received a spot on The Home Shopping Network. Her business consultant advised her to use traditional models for this important day. But Jamie's gut and heart told her otherwise. She wanted to help women who had age spots, rosacea and other skin issues. Against the grain Jamie used nontraditional models for her beauty product that day and sold out on The Home Shopping Network.

Today she has a relationship with her biological mother and she is a billionaire with her line of beauty products in major beauty stores everywhere.

3. LaMonique Mac (That's Me)

Now it's rather bold of me to place myself in the category of people who beat the odds with the likes of Thomas Sowell and Jamie Kerns Lima.

No I don't have a Harvard education or a billion dollar empire but I am an overcomer just the same.

In 1975 I was born to a mother who had overdosed on cocaine in her 9th month of pregnancy. She then left me with the babysitter indefinitely.

I think my biggest testimony is that I'm here and all my lights are still shining.

Despite attention and focus problems the best way for me to articulate myself is through writing. With the support of my husband I am an author and a business woman.

You can learn more about my life story through my series, The Mixed Girl Series, beginning with Poor Little Mixed Girl.

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