Ubiquitous Ministries

Ubiquitous Ministries was created to seek and save the lost through booklets and other avenues of media.

Books are placed in areas where people will have a somewhat lengthy  wait time, such as Laundry Mats, Beauty Salons, Doctor Offices, Auto Repair Shops, and more.

Our booklets cover a range of life topics that can all be solved with either a closer relationship with Jesus, repentance, or salvation.


Printing costs are around $3.60 per booklet. If you would like to donate to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, please consider sending a donation.  

Overcoming Anxiety in the Hood

This book deals with anxiety using the character LaMonica Powers from The Mixed Girl Series. 

It starts off with an interesting creative nonfiction story on anxiety and branches off into a self help book using scripture to overcome the problem.

Overcoming anxiety in the hood can be tricky. At 20 years old, LaMonica does what most 20-year-olds do- smoke weed, drink and chill.


Can God help her to win the battle against this mental torment?

This is nothing short of an amazing book to have. This book gives insight to an issue many face today, and provides the ultimate solution. Great to read and pass along. ~Arlicia Clark

Cupcakes & Poetry

7 Life Lessons

This is LaMonique Mac's first published book. 

A short read of cupcake recipes and the 7 life lessons God has shown her.

After running a cupcake business with 4 children and a husband, Author LaMonique Mac shares poetry, life learned lessons & recipes complete with video.

But Wait! There's more to cupcakes than sugar and frosting. This is a must read!

LOVE THIS BOOK...cupcakes and stories is a creative and fun way of self-care. LaMonique's light-hearted humor and deep passion for Heavenly Father comes through clearly in this book. The cupcake frosting analogy is the best as it simply explains how JESUS handles my imperfections and sees me as he created me; fearfully and wonderfully.


POWERFUL! This book beautifully introduces you to JESUS in a loving, non-critical way. The recipes are a BONUS! This is a creative way to take who and what you are passion about and present them in this way is a gift. ~ Annetta